For women to up-level to a new paradigm of wholeness that is truly a match for how we need to live, love and lead in the 21st century, we require a development approach based on how women actually develop. 


Recognizing that many women's leadership programs are based on masculine models of leadership we created our Women’s Mysterial Leadership programs to address the unique ways that women can develop as leaders. By focusing on how women learn and grow and what’s really necessary to lead effectively in today’s turbulent environments, we designed programs that unlock a woman’s capacity to access her body, heart, mind, and soul—while generating tangible, meaningful results. We guide women to uninstall the old 'hypermasculine' code deep in the DNA, and upgrade to a wise, loving and powerful Mysterial code that allows them to access all of their Feminine and Masculine strengths. 

And we believe this embodied and integral, Mysterial Leadership is exactly what is most needed in this time on our planet. As an emerging Mysterial woman you will not only experience personal changes, but the way you choose to live, love and lead will shape the world for future generations.

There are three ways to engage with the Mysterial Leadership programs:

Start out easy:

Online Course

The Mysterial Leadership Essentials global online course guides women from all around the world to awaken the five core gateways to radical wisdom, love and power. 

Or Jump right in:

Online Course

The Mysterial Leadership Depth Program is offered annually to guide women through a 9-month intimate journey of unraveling from millennia-old, limiting patterns... to unleash their greatest potential.

Or get 1-1 guidance:


Work intimately with a certified coach trained in our Mysterial methodology for a 9-month 1-on-1 coaching program individually tailored to awaken your unique leadership potential. 


After completing the Level 1 Mysterial Leadership Depth Program or 1-1 Depth Coaching Program:

Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program


The Emergence Program guides women all the way through the final three archetypes - Father, Maiden, Crone and into the Sacred Inner Marriage leading to Mysterial Emergence.